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About One Global Properties

One Global Properties was established in 2007 to locally source and market Malaysian properties for a network of property investors across Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We have formed strategic partnerships with several partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Europe, and Middle East. In 2015, a young and energetic leader and team joined One Global Properties and transformed it into One Global Properties Sdn Bhd. With our combined experience of more than 50 years, we enjoy strong local alliances and contacts. Together with our partners, we have a database of investors across Singapore, Hong Kong, U.K, Europe Middle East and surely in Malaysia. One major strong point is our knowledge and experience in Klang Valley and Iskandar Malaysia.

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  • Contact No : Malaysia(+60) 75561111
  • Fax No :Malaysia(+60) +6075561111
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